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B.A.R.M., GAPS Certified Practitioner, Dip Shiatsu & Oriental Medicine, Certifications in:- Kinesiology, Dynamic Healing, Reflexology, Chi Massage, Powerpoint healing, Counselling, Chinese Medicine, Chinese food dietetics, Whole Food Medicine, Training, et al  QLD board member for Nourishing Australia, Weston A Price Foundation chapter leader 12+ years, Advanced Food as Medicine lecturer at the College of Oriental/Eastern Medicine,  ‘nutrition’ therapist with Practitioners Connected… 

About Julie PhilipsJulie has been described as a “walking encyclopaedia of food!” Understanding the wisdom contained within food has always fascinated her.

As a child I was a classic ‘GAPS’, IBS child – antibiotics at birth, at 3 months old hospitalized with digestive issues, then onto the merry-go-round with a tick in every digestive issue box. As a Virgo, I’m a logical gal and it seemed really logical that food is the most common ‘medicine’ we ingest every day – so to therefore understand what the effects are of this daily medication.

Yet where to discover the truth?

The food information given to the public changes every few years. What’s a girl to do? And so the food as medicine quest began – to turn over every stone, read, study, learn… uncover the truth! I studied everything I could get my hands on – completed formal studies at university and colleges, certificates, cooking, health and spiritual seminars, my friends laugh that most of them met me on a course of some kind.

And still this has not quenched my thirst for understanding food. It’s still my passion – Love It!

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