Sources of Quality, Real Food

in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Sources of Quality, Real Food

As the Brisbane and Gold Coast Chapter Leader of THE WESTON A. PRICE FOUNDATION® for the last 20+ years, I’ve compiled a list of sources of quality, real food for you to enjoy in these two regions. For information in other areas of Australia, please contact your local Weston A Price chapter – details at the end of this document.

Most of these products are available from the stockists listed at the end of the article, unless otherwise stated.

If you know of any further products or retail outlets that could be added to this list, let me know in the comments below.

Health and happiness to you

Julie Phillips WiseFood

Real Food

Dairy – butter, cheese, milk, yoghurt


  • Cultured butter
    • Visit Camille’s ‘Gympie farm’ at the Brisbane powerhouse and west end markets
    • Supermarket – Western Star in the foil (not the easy spread version).
  • Organic butter
    • Australian produced – Health food stores ie Paris Creek
    • New Zealand produced – Aldi
    • Coles/Woolworths – imported European butter – a lot of food miles!



  • Unpasteurised Goat milk – home delivered or health food stores as listed following.
  • Food Connect – Warradale Organic milk.
  • Unpasteurised cow’s milk – organic markets (Northey St Brisbane, Miami Gold coast), health food stores ie Flannery’s, home delivery
    • . Plus many supermarkets are also now carrying it. IGA Burleigh  James St Burleigh, Tugan market co: (formally Tugan Fruit Barn)
    • Further information on raw milk:
  • Excellent quality organic unhomogenised cow’s milk – ie Barambah, Paris Creek, Mungali.
  • Buttermilk – gympie farm – powerhouse and west end markets.
  • If purchasing from the supermarket – ideally select organic And unhomogenised.
    • If it does not state ‘unhomogenised’, it will have had this process applied to it.
    • The smaller dairies are less likely than the major companies to have been ‘fortified’ with milk solids (which do not have to listed on the label), than the major milk corporations.


  • Ideally organic ‘non-homogenised’.
  • Health food stores, deli’s and home delivery
    • Cream of the crop – Paris Creek (as it is also biodynamic) and Barambah – local Qld.
    • Or even better, make your own from high quality milk.
  • Home-made: yoghurt starter
  • From the supermarket – at the moment they are all homogenized…
    • Farmers Union, whilst not organic does contain excellent cultures.
    • There is usually a choice of organic, though they do tend to change suppliers.

Ferments – kefir, kombucha, beer, wine

  • Harald Tietze (02) 64934552

Fermented Drinks:

Beer: There are many local brewers producing excellent unpasteurised beers around Australia. Here on the Gold Coast we have On a larger scale, Australia’s family owned brewery produce five naturally conditioned (unpasteurised) ales available in bottles: Pale, Sparkling, Dark, Vintage and Stout. Their cans however are artificially carbonated and pasteurised – as are most other beers in Australia. Of these styles, dark, vintage/special old and stout are the most nutritious, they are good sources of B vitamins and chromium.

Wine: biodynamic, organic, or preservative-free wine. Many in this category are not placed in the organic section of the shop, ask and you may be suprised (plus asking is like the squeaky wheel – the more people that ask the more they see the potential for this market) These are usually those in a higher price bracket where organic methods have been chosen by the growers to enhances the quality and taste of their wine – rather than the health benefits – therefore the certified organic statement may only be in small print on the back of the bottle.,,,


Eggs – ideally green pasture-fed, free-range, organic chickens. Ideally no soy meal or refined vegetable oil in the diet. However, most chicken meal, organic or not, contains soy meal and sometimes refined vegetable oil.  Not all free-range chickens have access to lush green pasture to enjoy for the majority of each day – which is so important to obtain the omega 3 and Vitamin D in the eggs. So as with the milk, the smaller local farms often offer greener, healthier environments = happier, healthier chooks/eggs. It really is not humane for chickens to live in any way other than free-ranging out in nature. When in restaurants and cafes’ ask if the eggs they use are free-range. Frequent customer requests can facilitate change and there are restaurants starting to provide only free-range eggs.

Gold Coast

Farmers Markets

Organic or organic produce direct from the grower
  • Burleigh: LOHAS sustainable organic markets: Burleigh High School, inside the hall, next to the regular markets, Gold Coast Hwy Saturdays 7 am – 1pm.
  • Miami: Gold Coast Organic Markets Miami High School, Gold Coast Hwy Sundays 6 – 11am. Here and the Tamborine Green Shed are he only completely organic markets at the Gold Coast.
  • Nerang: Farmers Market Lavelle Street, Nerang. Sundays  6.30am – 12:00pm
  • Currumbin: Marketta Friday nights, Currumbin Bird Sanctuary
  • Palm Beach: Farmers Market Palm Beach State High School, Saturday mornings.
  • Mudgeeraba: Farmers Market 2nd and 4th Saturday
  • Marina Mirage: Farmers Market 1st and 3rd Saturdays each month.
  • Tamborine Mountain: The Green Shed, Tamborine Mountain Showground, Main Western Road, Sundays 8am to 2pm

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

  • Food Connect Connecting local farmers with consumers. This non profit organisation has helped saved many farms and is encouraging/facilitating farms to move towards organic or at least chemical free farming. Produce is delivered to drop off points around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Wide variety of local produce – a mix of organic, in-conversion and spray free produce.

Health Food Stores

  • Nerang: Nerang Mall next to Woolworths, 7-27 Cayuga Street
  • Benowa: Mrs Flannery’s Bronberg Plaza, Slatyer Avenue, 5597 4900
  • Broadbeach: Wray organics – Oasis Shopping Centre 5592 1007
  • Elanora/Currumbin: The Pines health foods, Pines shopping centre 55981333
  • Miami: Mrs Flannery’s 2184 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami 5526 1991
  • Mudgeeraba: Relish Organics – Shop 6 Bell Central. 2 Bell Place.
  • Currumbin: Golden Four Dve
  • Palm Beach: Wray organics – 19th Avenue Shopping Village 5576 7111
    • Paradise Pt: Mrs Flannery’s 17 Grice Avenue
Tel: (07) 5564 2390
    • Robina: Easy T Centre, Cnr Scottsdale Drive & Christine Ave 5562 5858
    • Tamborine: North Tamborine Health Shop, Main Street

There are also a wonderful burgeoning number of small independent supermarkets that are carrying a growing range of organic and health food produce including raw dairy for cosmetic use.

  • Tugan: Fruit barn – now called Tugan Market Co
  • Burleigh: IGA James St
  • And more…

Organic Home Delivery – Brisbane and the Gold Coast

  • Food Connect: CSA community supported agriculture, non profit organization
  • Organic and Quality Foods: SE QLD incl. Brisbane and both coasts 32753552 I started or ordering from them when they started 20+ years ago (time really does fly) and when I moved to the Gold Coast – no prob as they deliver here also.
  • Ripe and Raw Organics:

Meat and Poultry

  • GJs Organic Meats, Cnr Olsen Avenue And Central St, Parkwood , 5591 2423
  • Mermaid Waters: Gold Coast Organic Meats – 07 5572 0090, Waterways Shopping Centre, Cnr Karbunya St & Sunshine Blvd, opposite Pizzy Park Miami –
  • Highland Park:
  • Nerang: Nerang Mall Woolworths complex, 27 Cayuga Street  – chemical/pesticide free
  • Organic Meat Farmers: Direct from the farm – to you or near you
  • Mitchell Grass Meats: Grass fed, Lamb & Beef from chemical free, natural pastures in Western Queensland.   Available in bulk home delivered –
  • Inglewood Farm: organic free-range chicken farm run by the Wylie Brothers on southern edge of the Darling Downs between Warwick and Goondiwindi in Qld –
  • Alaringa Organics:
  • The Grayson’s: Pete 07 4664 8366 or Lyle 07 4664 4142
  • Hillside Meats: chemical free, Colin, 02 6569 9306 or 0427 699 305
  • Also refer to the list of home delivery and health food stores.



Health food stores, organic products, organic fruit and vegetables

  • Paddington: Fundamentals: La Trobe Terrace, Paddington 3368 1855
  • Samford: Four Seasons: 42 Main St, Samford, 3289 1087
  • Margate: Go Vita: 32 Baynes St
  • Greener Pastures Wholefood: 18 Wynne St Sunnybank Hills 3344 7889
  • Hi Vita Organics: 17 Bald Hills Rd, Bald Hills 3261 7855
  • House of Organics: Deb & Janelle, Northwest Plaza, 97 Flockton Street, Everton Park  33538541
  • Margate Health Foods:  Lesley Parker, 273a Oxley Ave  Margate Beach 4019
  • Mrs Flannery’s: 52 Annerley Rd Woolloongabba, Rode Rd Nundah, 191 Moggil Rd Taringa,
  • Organic Essentials: 11 Days Road, Grange 3856 0678
  • Planet Matterz: 684 Wynumm Rd Morningside 3399 6008
  • Poppy’s Organic Food Store: 14 Baroona Rd Milton 38765381
  • Sol Bread: Cnr Hardgrave and Vulture Sts West End. Sourdough breads, pastries, coffee shop.
  • Sun & Earth Whole Foods: 845 Brunswick St, New Farm 3358 2299, Wynnum plaza 33934955  
  • The Green Grocer: 144 Boundary Street, West End 38447961
  • Vive: 36 Riding Rd Hawthorne 33991002
  • Wray Organics: 110 Enoggera Rd, Newmarket 3356 0444


Organic Home Delivery – Brisbane and the Gold Coast

  • Food Connect: CSA community supported agriculture
  • Organic and Quality Foods: SE QLD incl. Brisbane and both coasts  32753552


Organic, Paleo and Health Focused Cafés and Restaurants


Organic Meat:

  • The Meat-ting Place: Steve and Andrew, 107 La Trobe Terrace, Paddington (in the supermarket shopping complex) 33699522. Also at 97 Flockton St, McDowall 33538541
  • Allsops: Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo (Opposite Myers). 33974117
  • Superior Meats: Barry O’Conner, 959 Logan Rd, Holland Park 33972743
  • Northey St Markets – see markets
  • Organic and Quality Foods and Food Connect
  • MGM Mitchell Grass Meats –
  • Inglewood Farm organic free-range chicken farm run by the Wylie Brothers on southern edge of the Darling Downs between Warwick and Goondiwindi in QLD.
  • ·      Mitchell Grass Meats Grass fed, Lamb & Beef from our chemical free, natural pastures in Western Queensland. Available in bulk home delivered.
  • Alaringa email for regular newsletter Beef, lamb, chicken, pork. At Northey St Markets.


  • Northey St Organic markets: Saturday morning 6 – 10 am. Morning tea available. Directions – drive past the RBH hospital, past the service station, take the next left turn into Northey St, next left into Edgar St
  • The Powerhouse markets: (Next to New Farm Park on the river behind the powerhouse theatre. Parking in Lamington St or walk through from New Farm Park.) 2nd and 4th Saturday’s
  • The South bank markets: first and third Saturdays (alternate Saturday to the powerhouse market)
  • Eumundi markets Sunshine Coast Eumundi on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Farmers’ market at Noosaville on the fourth Sunday of each month

Natural Therapists – Practitioner list

The following list are in the majority practitioners who I know personally are excellent or who I have had clients rave about.

Holistic Dentists:



  • Springwood Wellness Centre 38086633
  • Alan Brown Windsor Chiropractic




Doula, Midwife:






  • Bridget Ingle 38628332


Massage – pregnancy and baby massage:

  • Lemise Kassim  3878 9302




Yoga – pre & post natal, Birthing workshops:

  • Suzanne Swan 38768531,
  • Jane Campbell-Kaye 33791896 (also counselling, especially surrounding the birth process)

Vaccination awareness education:

  • Healthy Lifestyles… Naturally: Stephanie Messanger – excellent resource for information available via post, regular newsletter and social educational gatherings in Brisbane and Gold Coast.
  • Australian Vaccination Network:

Local Produce in your area?

The following are local Australian chapter leaders of THE WESTON A. PRICE FOUNDATION® You are welcome to contact any of these people for information on local produce in your area. For international contacts

Have additional listings you’d like to submit? Please add them in the comments below.


  1. karen kindt says:

    Just looking to purchase unpasteurised goats milk to make some cheese with near Brisbane.

    • Julie Phillips says:

      Unpasteurised goat’s milk is readily available, frozen, from the suppliers listed on my website. Generally most of the main health health stores in Brissie carry it i.e. flattery’s, Wrays and home delivery i.e. organic and quality foods

    • Julie Phillips says:

      Hi Karen, Most of the major health food stores in Brisbane stock goats milk, there’s a list on the website here under resources will all the addresses to find your closest. It’s also available home delivered through organic and quality foods, if ‘near’ Brisbane is a bit of drive to a health food store, this may be the easiest option for you. Have fun with the cheese making.

  2. Hello, Julie,

    I’m a mother from Canada, of a 23-year-old son with a condition labelled as “Indeterminate colitis”, probably caused by Amoebiasis, but now chronic thanks to the standard (mis-) treatment with steroids, immune-suppressants, etc. FMT at the excellent CDD in Sydney has sadly not worked. So, whilst looking into the possibility of MAP treatment with long-term antibiotics, we are continuing to persue complimentary therapies, including, of course, nutrition, and came across your very helpful site with links to producers and suppliers of all kinds. What a long and complex journey these digestive disorders take one on! But people like you provide encouraging beacons of light along the way. Thank you, and bless you.

  3. Thank you, Julie, for your encouragement and your loving heart. : )

  4. Judy Williams says:

    A great organic store at Everton Hills. They also do home delivery. Their fresh meat and chicken products are to ‘die for’ including salamis! Fresh seasonal and local fresh fruit and vegetables at reasonable prices

    Take a look at Your Organic Markets

  5. Lesley Parker says:

    Hello Julie, it’s been some time since I left Brisbane and my health food store. I noticed it came up on a google search and thought it might be good to get out of date info off your site. I attended GAPS training in November, but now live Cairns and will be changing location February and be specialising in GAPs. Your name is on all the GAPs lists as you would know. Please take off your listing for Health Food Stores in Brisbane:
    Margate Health Food, Lesley Parker, 273a Oxley Ave, Margate. This shop became GoVita Margate and I sold out and the shop was moved and named Go Vita Margate/Redcliffe 32 Baynes Street. It closed at beginning of 2015. If you are listing Cairns shops with raw milk, The Healthy Hub, James/MCleod Street Cairns keep both Cleo’s and frozen goat milk when in season. I hope this helps, take care Lesley

  6. Michelle Jensen says:

    Hello Julie,

    I noticed Simone Pavlakis on your list of practitioners at The Gap. I used to go to her, but sadly she is not practicing anymore as of last year. I thought you might try to contact her before amending your list though, in case she has returned to it!



    • Julie Phillips says:

      Hi Michelle, that as she is doing an amazingly long gentle trek around Australia. Hopefully she’ll recommence her practice when she returns all refreshed. Julie

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