Services-VerticalDo you ever feel, “I’m more than this! If only my health/my child’s health were stronger, better – how much happier my life would be?”

I combine 25+ years of training in food as medicine, with training in dynamic healing as a medical intuitive, classical Chinese medicine, empirical evidence-based medicine, counseling, kinesiology, shiatsu, reflexology and a host of other modalities.

This gathering of this wisdom provides:

The ability to see the bigger picture of emotional/physical deficiencies, blocks, and solutions

Swift identification of optimal choices in food and lifestyle for you

Physical/emotional healing exercises to assist your recovery

This is expressed from a place of love.

I listen to you with my heart, without judgment.

Whatever your current and past history of food has been, it’s ok.

Wherever you’re on your journey to health and self-discovery, I have the ability to gently light you a path forward to resolve your acute and chronic issues at the pace you prefer.

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How I Work and What You Get

What types of things may be covered in a Wise Food appointment?


Every consultation is different.
Two people with seemingly the same health issues won’t receive anything like the same solutions.

Generally, the following areas are addressed:

  • Designing a personal program for your healing, incl. 
    • Identification of foods that are healing/harmful for you at the moment
    • Including quality, quantity, and frequency, and if desired menu planning/recipes
    • Remote Kinesiology may be used to specifically identify this information. This is accurate for both in-person and phone/skype. (See Michelle’s testimonial for further information.) 
  • Non-food remedies – many of these are simple low or no-cost solutions for you. 
  • Emotional healing.

In-person consultations usually include a therapeutic shiatsu massage or reflexology.

If a particular food is recommended and it is not to your liking, please let me know as invariably there will be another that is suitable as it is important for you to enjoy the food you consume.

Recommendations will be discussed with you – there is no point in preparing a wonderful action list of the most ideal solutions if it is unlikely to be fulfilled. Better that together we create a plan that you feel comfortable with, moving at the pace and manner you feel you will be able to incorporate into your life. Some people are happy for a complete and immediate overhaul, others prefer gentle changes – this is up to you. The recommendations will address underlying causes as well as alleviate current symptoms.

What will I receive following a consultation?

Either – I’ll type the recommendations discussed for you in summary so you will be free to listen and ask questions as they arise.

Or – you can take your own notes – this will free me to be able to cover more in your consultation.

  • You will receive clear direction and insight
  • If appropriate – a general meal plan will be included, plus specifically medicinal recipes to enjoy.

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Areas of Expertise

For a full list of modalities I work with, read the Modalities page.

Food as Healing

  • GAPS–Gut And Physiology/Psychology Syndrome, Paleo, Traditional foods – Weston A Price, Amines/Salicylates, Body Ecology, Macrobiotics, Chinese Medicine dietetics.
  • Your desire to follow a particular style of eating ie vegetarian or non-vegetarian etc will be respected and supported.
  • There is no one-elixir heal-all program that resolves every ailment. Different conditions are best healed with different protocols. Even two people with the same list of ailments will receive different recommendations, taking into accord that your physical/emotional past and your current circumstances are unique to you.

Physical Healing

  • Shiatsu Massage, Reflexology, Kinesiology
  • If beneficial, you’ll be taught shiatsu meridian/organ exercises, chi gong or stretches that you can enjoy at home to support your healing

Emotional Healing

  • Shiatsu Therapies, Dynamic Healing techniques, Counselling

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