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  • To make a booking please select the relevant BOOK button, phone the office on 0497 183 101 or email contactwisefood@gmail.com
  • Prices include GST. Pre-payment of a deposit, is required for your initial consultation only.
  • Bookings are available in-person on the Gold Coast (at Riverlea Waters, Nerang, overlooking the river – quiet, yet only minutes from the Highway), by phone anywhere in Australia and by Skype Australia or anywhere around the world (skype: wisefoodjulie).

Initial Consultation:  $295 (Deposit $159.50)

1 Hour 20 min Phone/Skype/Zoom or in person
Initial Fees for Family Member are reduced – refer to notes below

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Standard Consultation:  $120 – $140

50 min In Person $120, Phone/Skype/Zoom $140

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Short Consultation:  $65 – $75

20 min In-person $65, Phone/Skype/Zoom $75

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Questions between Consultations:

Phone 5 min $10, 10 min $25
Email (price = length of time to answer your email)

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On your FIRST appointment you will receive sufficient specific and personalised information to commence your healing.

  • Are you feeling stuck, confused, tired, frustrated?
    • Are you eating the foods you’ve read or been told or tests have indicated are what’s ‘supposed’ to work, yet you are still unwell?
    • Have your been following an elimination diet and are now hyper-reactive to foods? Feeling limited in the range of foods your digestion can tolerate?
    • Have you been following a particular protocol that was great initially, yet now it seems it’s not longer working for you?
    • GAPS:
      • Are you on the GAPS protocol and stuck at a particular stage? The program looks interesting, however it feels overwhelming with how to proceed?
      • Would you like to move through the GAPS healing without experiencing significantly uncomfortable ‘die off’ healing reactions on your journey to health?
    • Have you been told your ailment is not resolvable or you’ll be on medication for life?
  • On the first appointment, we will start to resolve these issues for you.
  • Generally clients discover that with every consultation symptoms are improving or fully resolving.

There will be no additional out of pocket ‘surprise’ expenses for testing.  This is ALL INCLUDED in your initial consultation fee.

Please Note:

  • If you’d like to speak with Julie before making a booking, or none of the times available on the calendar are suitable
    • You’re welcome to phone 0497 183 101
  • New clients – please ensure you have returned your registration form, ideally a day or more prior to your appointment. It is not essential to complete this, though it will save you time in your consultation.
  • Initial Consultation Fees for family members are reduced as follows: –
    • 1 hour 20 min In-person $245, Phone/Skype/Zoom $255
    • 50 min In-person $185, Phone/Skype/Zoom $195
  • All consultation fees are inclusive of GST
  • Appointments are in Qld time. To convert to your time zone http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/