Dear Julie,
Since birth my daughter Eloise (now 7 months old) suffered from terrible reflux and colic. After months of trying the ‘standard route’ of following numerous doctors and specialists recommendations, with little improvement, our Chiropractor encouraged us to visit Julie. Within a week of meeting Julie, and implementing her recommendations, Eloise’s comfort levels improved immensely and we finally began to see our baby girl’s personality shine thru.
Julie’s holistic approach, wealth of knowledge and the care she displayed for not only Eloise’s well-being but also me and my husband’s well-being was unsurpassed to any of the other care providers we’d met with previously.

I eagerly await our appointments with Julie as I know there’s a wise, smiling face waiting to help.

Thank you for changing our lives Julie.


Dear Julie,

We cannot thank you enough for what you have done to help our baby boy.  After speaking to numerous doctors and specialists about his chronic vomiting/regurgitation problems, we had been given no answers and no suggestions, which helped him.  We were basically told that he would eventually grow out of it after 12 months of age and if he didn’t then surgery may have to be an option.  He was vomiting all day, every day – up to 40 or 50 times per day and after 8 months of it, I was going insane with the stress of it and the mess of it.  And then we came to see you and we have never looked back.  You have the most incredible gift and we are so thankful you choose to share it with others.  The program you suggested we follow started to have an effect within a week and within a few weeks we could see a vast improvement.  Your amazing knowledge and your kind guidance over the following weeks saw our beautiful boy completely healed and he is now full of health and vitality with no signs of his previous problems.  We are so thrilled with the results and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Susan and Matt Coyle


Dear Julie,

December is here again and my thoughts turn to achievements made throughout this year. I have one exceptional one to take note of and that is the healing of my son’s asthma condition. Marcus started showing signs of having difficulties breathing shortly after he turned 2. Soon a pattern became evident where 2 days after a runny nose he’d start having difficulty breathing. I began to fear the sniffles because I knew I’d be in for a trip to the hospital or the medical centre for some redipred and time on the ventilator.  It was at the point where Marcus had 3 doses of redipred in 4 months and 2 trips to sit on a ventilator that I decided to go and see Julie Phillips.

The results were almost immediate and lasting.

It is now December and the last time Marcus had difficulty breathing was in May. I can’t tell you how relieved I am knowing now that if he has a cold I don’t need to worry about Asthma.

I highly recommend Julie Phillips and her gift of healing through food to any parent that has a health issue with their child.

Glenys Power


Julie has been our go-to family health practitioner for nearly 5 years now and has helped us resolve everything from toddler constipation, newborn projectile vomiting (when doctors had done all the tests and said it’s just a normal baby thing), baby eczema, upper respiratory infections (where inhalers had failed), constipation and picky eating habits.  

While I still visit doctors seeking advice about acute conditions with the children, I would much rather allow their bodies to resolve any issues with a few dietary changes and more natural remedies if possible.  

Visiting Julie periodically has been a real education in food as medicine in daily life for me and I feel much more capable of encouraging foods which will help us as a family to maintain good health. She has a gentle, beautiful way with children and I recommend her to anyone who will listen.

Carla Dolphin and family

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Food Sensitivities

We were incredibly lucky to have found GAPS, and Julie. That is always the first thing that comes to my mind every single time I look at the old photos of my little child. My little baby (back then) was constantly coming down with something, usually a cold (which more often than not then developed into a chest infection), constantly sick throwing up foods shortly after she had them, and covered in red rashes as well as eczema everywhere on her body. She did not put on weight. She was not a happy child. The worst one was when she was constantly having a wet cough for 6 weeks and diagnosed by her paediatrician with severe eczema and chronic bronchitis. Then, we got her tested and found out that she had allergies to dairy, fish, and eggs. I felt that the modern medicines and treatments given to her only helped relieve her symptoms temporarily and didn’t get to the bottom of whatever compromised her health. I did not want her to depend on those medicines plus epi-pens for the rest of her life. Very fortunately, my friend mentioned GAPS to me. I bought the book and read it. It was an instant click. Everything made sense, as explained in the book. I then started my searched for a GAPS practitioner as I did not want to waste any precious time with trial and error.

I was recommended Julie by many people. Julie has been fantastically helpful. Within 6 months of starting GAPS and following Julie’s advice, our child came out of egg allergies. Amazingly 18 months after GAPS, she was cleared from food allergies. Our child is now a completely different child from before we started GAPS. Not only that we now have a child who is very happy, healthy, and best of all free from allergies, we also have a happy and healthy family (not blanketed by tremendous stress of a constantly sick child). Julie has always been helpful, caring, and supportive.

We are truly grateful to have found Julie. Choosing the right GAPS practitioner is really worthwhile. It makes a difference, especially when we race against time to get the healing occurring as soon as possible. I could not recommend Julie enough!

Bec Baird

“My child was reacting to so many foods and severely constipated.  Julie sorted it out so quickly, within a week most of the problems resolved.”

Food Sensitivities

Dear Julie, 

How I can thank you enough for your exceptional advice, nurturing guidance and healing. I was exhausted and frightened when I first visited you four months ago. My food sensitivities had heightened to such a degree that even mashed potato had me bed ridden for days. I’d literally become scared to eat. Boy! Has that changed!!! I’ve come so far since that time and feel empowered by my food choices and the beautiful diet I now enjoy. I am filled with gratitude for where this healing journey has led me and for the wonderful practitioner who has guided me to this place of shining health. Thank you, thank you, thank you. x

Ulcerative Colitis

I engaged Julie’s services for my Ulcerative Colitis and Liver issue because of her extensive and broad knowledge in the area.

I am pleased to say that after 12 years of severe colitis, it has settled to the point where I can start to live a normal life again and make some plans for the future.

Peter Bilton


After becoming very ill in mid 2007 I was finally diagnosed with crohns disease. What followed was two years of stress and absolute frustration as I was moved from doctor to doctor as they tried me on nearly every different immune suppressant medication, none of which made any difference to my health, well being or state of mind. Something had to give and eventually my health declined even further due to my liver not being able to tolerate any more toxins. My doctors told me to stop all meds and that I would only last 2-3 weeks before they would have to remove part of my bowel.

This was a turning point for me, a chance encounter with a stranger resulted in me meeting with Julie. Within two weeks of following her diet I noticed a big difference in how I felt and most importantly I was finally free of the abscesses that had controlled my life for over two years. I have been unmedicated since that time and my health has improved so much that I am now able to eat a wide range of foods, some of which I was unable to tolerate before. I have also learned so much from Julie regarding different food groups and diet and I am the happiest I have been in many years.

If you have made it this far and are reading this then you have already put steps in place to changing your life for the better. I encourage you to make that first appointment with Julie, you won’t regret it.


Digestive Issues

Hello Julie,

A little on a year ago, I was panic stricken, crying all the time, paranoid, in agony with stomach aches, uterine discomfort, unusual discharges, joint pain, rashes, thinning hair and was nervous to leave the house for my very irritable bowel. It had become debilitating. My energy was low and I was sure I was dying. I was dragging myself to work, trying not to become a burden on my family and employer and was still eating erratically to soothe my emotions. After a few visits with some amazing natural therapists, I started to bring my nutritional levels back in line and detoxed my body from the hell I had put it through abusing food. However, I knew it was time to stop ignoring my inner wisdom that tells me food is medicine. I was feeling a lot better, but still my emotional burden and gastrointestinal tract were still not optimal and I knew I was still not absorbing nutrients as well as I should be. My daughter’s health was also poorly.

I then found Julie and her Wise food therapies. I felt like I had come home.

I was tired of just eating and thinking like everyone else to fit in. I knew food could be your friend or your enemy, but I was completely confused about all of the marketing and “healthy eating” claims. I did not know where to start to get my life back on track. I am also not good at asking for help.

Julie’s therapies are holistic and her guidance and teachings are so supportive, gentle and easy to implement. Her approach encompasses physical, emotional and lifestyle aspects of eating and nourishing your life. It is so much more than food education. She has helped me to ride the waves of change and ebbs and flows in commitment to my healing journey, in a respectful and caring manner.

My 14 year old daughter Kimberley’s was suffering with candida, leaky gut, had reactions to lactose and gluten and was tired and low in weight. I was desperately worried for her as her grades were dropping and she just wanted to sleep.

In a few short months of shiatsu and food therapies with Julie, Kimberley has gained 7kg, she is pink instead of white/grey in the face, her school grades have significantly lifted and her energy has improved. Her interest in food is amazing, she now puts thought into what she eats and is comfortable to prepare healthy foods for herself. She has joined a sport and her confidence is growing.

I have also been seeing my naturopath who tests my vitamin, mineral and body composition levels and I am now feeling confident to not double up on treatment. Without fail, every time, the scientific test performed by my naturopath matched the muscle testing performed by Julie. I have every confidence in kinesiology performed by Julie and am now embarking on an emotional healing journey with Julie to explore the core, unconscious blockages to help me fulfill my true potential. I have never doubted for a moment that my body has the answers and that treatment encompasses physiological and psychological aspects. Working with Julie, is a comprehensive treatment relationship that I am so grateful to have found and embarked on.

Thank you for your support and wisdom.

Kimberly (14 yo) & her Mother Michelle

My name is Emily and I had the great fortune of being referred to Julie Phillips after many years of being unwell. For years I had no idea what was wrong with me but I was experiencing increasingly uncomfortable symptoms to the point where it was becoming difficult to live my every day life. I was experiencing anxiety, dizziness, heart palpitations, insomnia and migraines and they were becoming so severe that my marriage had broken down and I was beginning to feel that I may have to quit my job.

Finally in 2013 I stumbled across some information that finally led me to understand what was happening to me – severe fermentation in my gut due to an overgrowth of bacteria. I had some idea about what not to eat so I cut many foods out of my diet but I was losing weight at a dramatic rate and was becoming genuinely concerned and fearful about my health. In trying to find help I was referred to Julie Phillips and she immediately fit me in for a phone consultation. Within the hour that we spoke for she had truly changed my life.

I got off the phone feeling that there was light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in so long. She gave me clear and thorough instructions about what I could and could not eat, and sent me recipes so I could make some foods to initiate my healing process. She was so compassionate and patient throughout our conversation, I felt so nurtured and understood. I really felt that I could finally see a pathway to healing.

I have been working with Julie only for a matter of weeks but already my symptoms have all but vanished. I still feel I have a long way to go to complete recovery but I feel so lucky to have found Julie because I know that I have the support to become fully well again and already I am beginning to feel what it’s like to be at ease in my body again. It’s such a relief after so many years of illness.

Emily HollerPocket Punk Media

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Emotional Issues


I first saw Julie while I was struggling with PND & had been traveling down the difficult path of medication & counseling. With Julie’s gentle love & acceptance she has guided me to a wonderful life without medication. I cannot speak highly enough of Julie & I do not hesitate to recommend her.” 

PS. Hey Julie, I’m concerned my words don’t do you justice, its difficult to find the words to describe someone so special. xx

Lena Harrington

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Other Testimonials

“an hour with Julie is like a miracle cure” Holly Birch

Thank you Julie for everything you have done for me.

Before I came to see you, I thought I was pretty healthy and that I was doing all the right things regarding food and my health.  Then, I had had a health scare and was facing hospitalisation.  Each month I became bloated and uncomfortable and in huge amounts of pain, and I thought this was normal.

After only our first consultation, it took just six weeks and I dropped from a size 12 to a size 8, and no longer had the pain or bloating.

Now I enjoy more energy, and I feel healthier.  People have also commented that my skin is literally glowing and that I look younger.

Thanks to you Julie, I have recently been given the all-clear on the original health issue.  I can’t thank you enough.  I have been telling everyone about you and recommend they see you immediately, even if they feel they are healthy and eating properly.  There’s nothing like getting an expert opinion.

All my best regards,


Overweight, bloating, pain and other more complex issues, sorted.

It is with great joy that I write this testimonial. It has now been a little over 3 months since I started my journey with Julie and what can I say…I am finally starting to feel normal again, after a long time of feeling miserable.

When I first met Julie, I was desperately ill with digestive issues so severe that I was only able to tolerate small amounts of broth at a time without being in excruciating pain. I have suffered with stomach ulcers, gastritis, reflux, indigestion, constipation, hair loss, several reactions/intolerances and host of other issues.

Since starting my journey back in July, I have come leaps and bounds both physically and emotionally. I am now able to eat a variety of foods without being in pain, my reflux is minimal and not daily, I am able to go to the toilet daily, my hair has stopped falling out and for the first time in a long time, my cycle is now 28 days rather than 23-24. I have also lost stubborn weight and find that I no longer am starving or have my hands shaking when I need to eat.  Emotionally I am learning how to deal with personal issues differently and exploring within myself why I react to things the way I do – a very interesting activity.

I highly recommend Julie, she is an amazing person who is truly caring and helpful. If you are looking at regaining your health and nourishing your body she is definitely the person to see.

Melanie x

Stomach ulcers, gastritis, reflux, indigestion, constipation, hair loss, food sensitivities, emotional issues and more ...

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